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Benefit from a complex analysis of how certain financial and accounting situations are reflected in the documents and in the accounting records.

Tracing back the reality of an economic, financial or tax operation has never been easier for you.

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Find out the facts of a real-time assessment about your accounting and financial data, and truly take the time to understand the processes and the business wellbeing.


The truth is in the numbers

Increase the value of your accounting function for your business and have confidence in the data you support your decision on. 

Making decisions while knowing the accuracy of your financial and accounting data is imperative for any situation.

The Service Consists Of

  • verification and evaluation of accounting records;
  • verification of the way of elaboration of the documentation/ registries as stipulated by the legislation applicable within the domain
  • check of the calculation and transfer accuracy of the taxes to the state budget as well as their correlation to the financial administrations;
  • verification of the mode of application as well as possible updates of the internal guidelines and procedures in conformity with the legislation in force
  • elaboration of an expertise report in correcting and optimizing the financial situations within a company

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In just 10 years, the company snowballed due to a unique selection process that brought talented accountants who wanted to excel.

With offices in more than 5 cities, our team has full access and knowledge, experience and expertise, kindness and discipline to help your company grow to the next level.

We run at an individual level and at a company level with integrity and entrepreneurship because we know that’s what we’d like if we were in your position.

The result is the highest financial and accounting services level to satisfy your requirements. We know we have the qualities that can help you reach your objectives.