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Financial accountancy

Income and profit statements

Statements submission

VAT File submission

VAT return

Submission of VAT return

Document management: register of fiscal records, ledger, stock register, accounting balance (of verification), acquisitions and sales register

Primary accounting

Drawing up the cash register

Drawing up payroll and checking-in

Drawing up invoices

Filling out payment order, payment sheets, receipts, checks

Drawing up payment arrangements/ collecting the cash

Management accounting

Registering documents in chronological order

Drawing up inventory balance

Assets and liabilities record

Global quantitative value record

Drawing up consumer bills

Store sheets

Inventory reports

Tax Optimization

Reducing or postponing tax liabilities

Changing the taxation manner (income, profit, micro-enterprise)

Maximum tax deductions according to legislation in force and customized CAEN code

Losses recovery from previous financial cycles

Fiscal consultancy, financial consultancy, deductions and tax optimizations, taxes and costs for disadvantaged areas

tax return

Why choosing GP-TAX?

The quality of our externalized accounting services is mostly ensured by the experience our experts have acquired throughout the years of activating within the domain.

Another important aspect is sharing every piece of information between the accountants – team spirit. In like manner, the diversity of situations and instances contributes to the professional development of the team, hence coming up with a solution to any issue arising is much easier facilitated and it is better implemented.

Benefit from the professionalism of our team, regardless of the field and complexity of your business.

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