Highest level of financial and accounting services

With expertise acquired throughout the years, we empowered customers like you to find tax and financial insights in minutes.



A team of 35 individuals to manage all financial and accounting operations that your company needs.

Accounting expertise

We investigate your company’s economic situation and come up with viable and scalable solutions for reaching goals.

Fiscal consultancy

Optimising financial processes and proactively notifying you of the latest fiscal changes and amendments.

Financial and internal audit

We examine and provide feedback of good practice of international accountancy and of application on company’s processes

Corporate / M&A

We assist, assess, plan and optimize the financial processes behind acquisitions, mergers and capital investments.

Due diligence

Positive financial evolution of mergers and acquisitions are generated by a good plan with a thorough accounting and financial optimization.

About Us

About Us

In just 10 years the company grew at a fast pace due to a unique selection process that brought talented accountants who want to excel.  

With offices in Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Oradea and Sibiu, our team has full access and knowledge, experience and expertise, kindness and discipline, to help your company grow to the next level. 

We run at an individual level and at a company level with integrity and entrepreneurship, because we know that’s what we’d like if we were in your position. 

The result is the highest level of financial and accounting services to satisfy your requirements. We know we have the qualities that can help you reach your objectives



We have obtained VAT refunds for our clients worth 12 million lei. 



We have supported all accounting and tax processes from the time the PV park was licensed to the time it was operational.


For 15 construction companies, spread all over Romania, we helped the annual development by 15-20% on average.


Together with the founders, we helped to develop and increase the turnover by 50% on average. From 1.000 to 10.000 euro/month is easy. 


The cumulated turnover of all our clients is close to 100.000.000 euro


We have over 20 clients who we offered assistance in setting up non-resident companies for VAT purposes.


With over 200 employees and a turnover of 14 million lei, we have successfully managed all the accounting and human resources.


For our clients we have participated with due diligence and accounting reports for national acquisition and merger transactions. 

We are All-In for our clients.