The people behind your growth

Adrian Iliescu

Managing Partner

Rodica Mitre

Operational Manager

Isablea Pasalan

Legal Adviser

Mihai Mario Giovani

Junior Accountant

Lavinia Lazea


Marinela Struta


Ionela Paunescu

Senior Accountant

Roxana Bulearca

Senior Accountant

Laura Turcu


Lavinia Tirca

Senior Accountant

Florina Ghiocel

Expert Accountant

Adriana Stănică

Senior Auditor

Marian Pietriș


Iulia Ignat


Daniela Buzdug



Cultural principles come from company’s experience and have been developed throughout its evolution, by growing to support its permanent shape.


We follow some straightforward basic principles within our activity – we engage by respecting the laws and local culture. However, these principles have permanently adapted to a continually changing environment; they reflect precisely our basic system of ideas: correctness, sincerity or honesty and customer care.


Thanks to the fundamental principles at the base of its strategy, GP-Tax continues to evolve and adapt to the market’s demands.

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Our vision

To ensure constant success and growth, we proposed to earn the highest grade of trust from our clients regarding both services and the company as an entity. We get close one-to-one with our clients to better understand their needs. Such represents a challenge as we now understand our clients from various economic areas: energy, construction, IT, agriculture, transport, retail, e-commerce, and entertainment.

Our objective is to offer our services in a way that would result in an added value for our client and for his business.

Established in 2011, GP-Tax is an accounting company with the most efficient growth regarding the quality of the services offered and the finalized projects.

Present in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj Napoca, Iasi and Chisinau and has a dedicated and talented team formed of certified accountants, auditors and consultants that assures specialized experience oriented towards the business and commercial sector.

We have extensive experience in the necessary domains for the development of companies.

GP-Tax offers audit, consultancy, and accounting services for domestic and international clients in various projects for retail, mergers & acquisitions, constructions, banking, finance, and labour.