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Adrian Iliescu

Managing Partner

Meet the team

Rodica Mitre

Operational Manager

Isablea Pasalan

Legal Adviser

Mihai Mario Giovani

Junior Accountant

Lavinia Lazea




Marinela Struta


Roxana Bulearca

Senior Accountant

Laura Turcu


Lavinia Tirca

Senior Accountant

Adina Boghici

Expert Accountant

Oana Burus

Junior Accountant

Liliana Ciobanu

Senior Accountant

Teodora Boritoni

Senior Accountant

Ionela Paunescu

Senior Accountant

Gabriela Iacob

Senior Accountant

Alina Ghinea

Senior Accountant

Georgiana Dragan

Junior Accountant

Florina Ghiocel

Expert Accountant

Ana Delescu

Senior Accountant

Adriana Stănică

Senior Auditor

Iulia Firescu

Senior Accountant

Marian Pietriș


Daniela Buzdug


About Us

In just 10 years the company grew at a fast pace due to a unique selection process that brought talented accountants who want to excel.  

With offices in Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi and Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) our team has full access and knowledge, experience and expertise, kindness and discipline, to help your company grow to the next level. 

We run at an individual level and at a company level with integrity and entrepreneurship, because we know that’s what we’d like if we were in your position. 

The result is the highest level of financial and accounting services to satisfy your requirements. We know we have the qualities that can help you reach your objectives. 

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